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I hope that many, who have made it to this page, have done the breathing exercises proposed earlier. If so, you have
completed part one of the journey - towards HEALTH - and are now full of vitality and a desire to act.
  What remains is the second half of the journey - the part of HAPPINESS. Some have enough material resources to
enjoy life, while others do not.
Sadly, there are millions, perhaps even hundreds of millions of people who may even be relatively well-educated, but who
regardless must be content with minimal wage or who are even unemployed.
This page is for those that lack the material resources necessary for a happy life -
for enjoying life wholeheartedly.
Although the internet currently offers dozens of different ways for earning money, I will introduce one of them.
Why don’t people regard the money making topic seriously enough?
The reason for this is often very simple - people are unfamiliar with the “coffee cup” principle.
What is that, you ask? The coffee cup principle refers to the ABILITY to give up the old
and be open and ready to accept new content. People are used to taking a defensive
stand, when the situation changes. Whatever you offer them, the brain’s first reaction is
to DECLINE, saying: “I’ve already read and heard enough, I have tried enough…” - an
endless array of I’ve-alreadys ...
Now imagine, there is still something left in the coffee cup from what you did before. In
order to enjoy drinking coffee AGAIN, you NEED TO pour out the leftovers without
regrets, wash and dry the cup properly, make a fresh patch of coffee, and there you go,
you can enjoy coffee all over again.

Don’t ever think that you ALREADY know TOO MUCH, be willing to let go of the OLD that has failed to carry you forward in life -
cleanse your brain of such things, as you would clean a coffee cup of the leftovers of old coffee.
                              What are the two most valuable things in life?
The first of these is undoubtedly HEALTH. You have already dealt with that issue with the help of my page and achieved
results by doing the exercises correctly.
The second most valuable thing for a thinking person is KNOWLEDGE and SKILLS, which can be acquired both for
personal use and for SELLING to OTHERS.
The internet is full of all sorts of teachings on how to make money by selling what you know - INFORMATION; countless
teachings on how to create a particular information product, etc. But, remaining realistic, not everyone is bright enough to
create something truly valuable. Also, for someone like me, who has spent the majority of their life in a yoga line of thought
that values MUTUAL HELP, these teachings tend to be too egoistic - all you see is ME, ME, ME…
Thus, I would like to fill the coffee cup with the following two ideas:
1. Why work alone, when you can create a small group of three people to conquer the online “world of
2. Why wrack your brain trying to create your OWN product, when you can use the resale right of other
Most states have an on-going fight to protect copyrights, while at the same time nobody mentions (probably on purpose)
that every person has the RIGHT to purchase the resale rights of things/products protected by copyright laws.
If people knew this, the army of unemployed would decrease by the millions, because resale rights enable making money
on the internet, and not small amounts of money.
In principle, there are 4 types of resale rights:
(Basic Resell Rights)
This type of right refers to a separate commercial offer, which
enables you to keep 100% of the income from selling the product.
You may sell the product but not the resale right for that product!
By purchasing such a right, you will be issued a separate (usually
electronic) document that certifies your resale right.
(Master Resell Rights)
This type of resale right provides a wider range of use, because
you may sell both the product and its resale right.
Marketing Resell
You usually acquire the resale right of such products completely
free of charge, when you buy the product, as does everyone, who
buys the product from you.
(Private Label Rights)
A product that you buy with the copyrights, which enables
you to do whatever you want with it - change, improve,
divide it into elements, publish articles on it, translate it into
other languages, make audio and video versions of it or
proclaim yourself the author of the product.
Once you acquire a PLR right, you may, in theory, already begin making money
with it 5 days later:

Make money online
In 5 days
(Private Label Rights)

Day 1
Opening a PLR account.
Creating a list of sites with the goods you will be reselling.
Days 2-3
Preparing the product for online sales - changing, adjusting,
translating, etc.
Day 4
Preparing a minisite for sales (unless this comes along with the
PLR package)
Day 5
Advertising, contacting interested people and communicating
with potential customers
Day 6
Creating a plan for future actions, choosing a new product or
product line
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Breathing exercise - a journey towards health and happiness

      How does it work, when you apply the 3- member group principle from before?
You need to create an account with a company that offers PLR rights, for instance this one or this one.
I created an account here, which is a competitor of the aforementioned.
The latter company offers three account types:
1. Non-paying member (limited access)
2. Gold member (unlimited access)
3. VIP member (unlimited access + new exclusive materials) 
Already non-paying member have a relatively large choice for making money with resale, but the possibilities for gold and
VIP members are nearly limitless.
I created a VIP account because I am convinced that only MONEY MAKES MONEY. Life experience shows that you
NEED TO BUY A TICKET if you want to go to the movies or a concert.
Since I am rather old and considerably lazy - having been born a Leo - I came up with the idea of making a GROUP. Why
wrack MY brain, when this could be done by younger and more eager people? Thus I decided to become a sponsor and
pay the monthly fees of two people that join after me. In practice, it is only necessary to be a sponsor for a month or two,
because soon they will be earning themselves, taking along the sponsor. I have always tried to follow the principle -
The first effect of this idea is that by paying two monthly payments, the brains of 3 people will begin working.
The second effect of the idea is that it enables people that themselves lack means to make money online, to BEGIN
doing so. They merely need to create a group and find the group a “lazy sponsor” like me.
It is especially useful and noble to make money with PLR for people that live far from their homeland, in English or Russian
speaking countries, like the USA, Canada, Australia, England or Russia, but still speak their native tongue - people from
China, India, Turkey, Spanish speaking countries, etc. .
Once you have concluded an agreement with a PLR company and gained access to the unlimited amounts of knowledge
they provide, you have two optionst:
1. Use the knowledge YOURSELF to increase your competitiveness on the internet’s “money market” by paying an
insignificant monthly fee to acquire thorough and useful knowledge that you can introduce illustratively (by clicking on the
picture, you can download the resale materials; you need to be a member of the PLR company to acquire the videos):
   Make money online using PLR products - an explanatory summary
This means, how to benefit from information products without the skill of creating them
Take a look at how profitable it can be…
          - Although 20, 200 or even 500 people may have rights to the same product, very few of them will actually do           
something with it. Those that acquire the product usually think it is best to use the PLR product as it is, without making     
any changes to it.
          - But YOU, all you need to do is invest an hour or few of your time into changing to product, thus creating a new,
unique product. You may only change the title, create new front page graphics or improve the sales pitches.
The best part - the hour or so that you spend on the product enables you to eliminate all your direct competitors,
because you will now be selling a unique product!
        - Hint: You do not even need to change the product yourself.
Visit (works in 8 languages) or other similar site, where you may find a qualified freelancer, who will write the
text and change the PLR content for you. Some will do it for just a few pennies per word.
The following is a plan for how you can start benefitting from it:
            1. Start.  Find a niche product for the “hungry” target group. If you do not know what this might be, find out,
what people are already buying. Thus, there is no reason for making changes, if you find a product that is already a “sure
deal” for making a profit.
            2. Find a PLR product with similar content that the target group is already purchasing.
           Type the relevant key word along with PLR into Google, for instance “weight loss PLR”. 
           3. Adjust the content. At a minimum this means writing an introduction and epilogue, changing the chapters and
creating a new title. Ideally, if you are capable of doing so, you should also add or change the content somehow.
         - Tip: You may also specify the content, thus creating a new niche. For instance, a book about weight loss in
general may be adjusted into being Safe Weight Loss for Teenagers. You will benefit even more, if by slightly changing
the product you are able to create products aimed at MANY different target groups. For instance, your weight loss book
may be directed at new grandparents, the elderly, office workers with sitting jobs, people in wheelchairs, etc.!  
           4. It is necessary to create a system for acquiring customers along with a “sales tunnel”. You may profit
from directly selling your PLR product, but large amounts of money are still hidden in the “background programme”. This
means, you should always also try to sell other products to your existing customers!
          5. Create YOUR OWN sales page or adjust the existing sales page that came with the product’s package. The
sales page may sometimes also be called a squeeze page. They are easy to adjust because the package already has
both the text and the graphics.
         6. Direct people to your page (create traffic) and start counting your money! Decide for yourself, whether
you want to use free WebPage Submission Software, for example:
This company does have one peculiarity - payments can be made using a Clickbank account, which presumes
you also create an account there. Actually, this is not all that bad, because Clickbank is yet another POWERFUL
MEANS for making money online. You might even combine PLR and Clickbank. Select an especially good
product from among the PLR materials and hand it over to the Clickbank specialist for distributing. True, they will
want 50-75% of the total price, but you are relieved of having to sell the product.
Clickbank also has an affiliate/distributor programme that can be used to earn money and that you can join for
free. Thus, Clickbank is a company WORTH joining!
Some examples of popular programs:
       Fat burning,   Eat, Stop Eat Grow Taller 4 Idiot or
       Paid Surveys at Home,   Paid Surveys & Cash Surveys Only,   NextGen PaidSurveys  or
             Google Sniper Instant Blog Submitter and so on ...
True, you will also need to create a PayPal account to acquire access to the money you have earned, but that
should not be a problem, since PayPal is already active in nearly 200 countries. Another company, Click2Sell,
which function on the Clickbank principle, and which I suggest anyone, who is looking to make money online join,
also makes payments to you through PayPal. 

As you see, this is a very quick and easy way to begin earning money. Especially
considering that creating your own product can take weeks or months before you
can start selling it, while you can buy a readymade product in a PLR package in the
morning and begin earning a profit already in the afternoon!
If you cannot be bothered to deal with PLR products and are looking for other means, I suggest you
get acquainted with a living LEGEND at making money online - John Chow. His homepage is:
Blogging With John Chow  . 
We have a saying in Estonia that goes “Fatty is the chest of the brave wolf” - what it means is, dare to try!
2. YOU may adjust those materials (e.g. translate them), to make them acceptable and accessible for your home
country. You may provide them with EVERYTHING they require at an affordable price - whether that be
using the internet to make money, learning to play the guitar, keeping a blog, taking care of children or,
If you choose to stick to English, your potential market is practically LIMITLESS. 
... or one that costs. The fee-charging packages of this company were what caught my attention.