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                      Glasses - is a HUGE BUSINESS
                             and completely unnecessary for normal vision!

   Just as most people breathe incorrectly due to the lack of proper knowledge, they also take care of their
eyes incorrectly.
   People believe that when needed, they can go visit the eye “doctor”, who will solve the problem. This is only
SEEMINGLY true, because everything these doctors do or recommend, in reality RUINS your eyes. Do not
confuse these two definitions. One is vision - the visual acuity. The other is the eye as an ORGAN. Yes, with the
help of the eye doctor, you can improve your vision, but the eye itself will only get worse. This can be proven by
the simple fact that ONCE you start wearing glasses, you have to go get a new prescription for your
glasses/contact lenses CONSTANTLY and more frequently and you always get “stronger” ones.
I got interested in vision problems a long time ago. I started reading properly at around the age of 4 and
because my parents constantly forbid me to read excessively, I quite often (in case of an interesting book) had
to do it during the night, underneath a thick blanket and with a flashlight as the only source of light. Even though
by the time I went to first grade I had read more books than some people do in their lifetime like this, the
avoidance of my parents’ rule did not go “unpunished”. By the time I went to school my eyes where already … -
5.5 dioptres. Even though, I then started to limit “using” my eyes, as much as school studies allowed, my short-
sightedness gradually got worse. When I reached high-school, I consoled myself with the fact that I was now
“disabled” and did not have to join the ARMY after graduating.
Studying at the Leningrad Institute, I had the opportunity and the honour of meeting a medical professor, who
was highly skilled at hypnotizing. Using me as a test subject, we thought about developing a way to treat the
eyes using hypnosis. Because interestingly, I could see clearly while under hypnosis, but after that, my vision
was blurred again. Our aim was to find a way to MAINTAIN the visual acuity even after coming out of hypnosis.
Nobody knows where or IF we could have ended up with this, but… a bad and jealous person complained
about us and because during the Soviet times it was strictly forbidden to use hypnosis without GOVERNMENT
CONTROL, then “with the help of the party and the government” we were permanently separated.
After this I “hung up my hat” and obediently started wearing glasses. The high-school hope - getting out of army
recruitment was not realized because thanks to the Leningrad “experimental” education and my general
knowledge, I was not released of service time. However, I also never had to do the customary “drills” during my
time in the army, only things that were not hindered by wearing glasses.
I feel extremely sorry that FREE access to all the knowledge in the world with the quickness of the Internet only
reached me when I had already gathered a relatively large number of years on my “back” and laziness
“between my bones”.
Be that as it may, I was pleasantly surprised to discover a man called William Horatio Bates, M.D., (1860-
1931), who had been active in “the world of eyes”. As soon as I had read up on his vision theory and practical
tests, I was tormented by the question “WHY do eye doctors, who HAVE to take care of peoples’ eyes, not
bring out this alternative possibility to get GOOD VISION?” WHY, in general, is there extremely little talk
about eye care?
I would like to bring out a few pictures from the Internet as an example:
I want to ask, if people REALLY DON’T KNOW, that these are “the best ways” to quickly ruin your eyes. And not
only your eyes, but also your entire health.
…On the first picture, the boy has his “nose against the sheet” and his neck bent backwards. The neck muscles,
which are comparatively WEAK, have a strong effect on your health in general. To understand how WEAK the
neck muscles are, lie on your back on the floor and lift up your head 2-3 cm from the ground, just enough to get
your neck in the air. I believe that you can’t even hold your head like this for 5 minutes. Most of you will start to
shake all over during the third minute.
On the contrary, on the second picture the young woman is bending her head TOO MUCH forward using her
neck muscles, and, in addition to that, does another stupid thing - sits on her leg pressing together the veins in
her thighs, obstructing normal blood flow.
If you do your everyday work on the computer, the correct position should look something like this:
                   Now back to the topic of eye care.
While a lot of people have put together their OWN systems and visions about eye care, for example Marilyn Roy -
EYESercise® or doctor Zhdanov from Russia, who holds practical 1 week lecture cycles, at the end of which, the
participants will have regained their vision (if they did their “homework”), then why can’t I, having studied several
known systems and methods of exercises do it too?
Since I am “a fan of breathing”, I put together my OWN exercise program for training eyes and entwined a few
breathing exercises and diaphragm work before, after and in the middle of the eye exercises.
When I tested this system on myself, I MANAGED to get rid of my glasses even at my old age. What is
preventing YOU from achieving this?
Everybody brave enough can try these exercises:
Prior introduction
a) My training program requires sitting down DURNING THE EXERCISES, in a way that differs from the regular
WORKING position - the monitor should be at a height where the eyes are looking STRAIGHT at the middle of
the screen (you can either lift the monitor or choose a lower seat).
b) Take off your glasses or contact lenses for the duration of these exercises.
c) During all parts of the exercises, you have to keep your hands in LIFE MUDRA position if
possible; this is also a position that cures your eyes.
Doing this MUDRA, balances the energetic potential of your entire body, strengthens vitality, increases working
capacity, liveliness, endurance and improves general well-being.
This MUDRA also helps cure eye diseases, eliminate vision disorders and increase visual acuity.
Do as indicated on the picture: connect two fingers with your thumbs and keep the other two fingers straight and
relaxed. You have to do this with both hands.
This MUDRA should be done every day for 5 to 30 minutes. With the eye training sets provided here, you should
get at least 20 minutes in the necessary position.
d) Before you turn on the necessary player to view the .flv files, for example FLV Player (or
FLV Player, or TS Player), and start watching the training exercises, you have to do the normal
breathing rhythm mentioned previously on the website, to get your body in the correct
biorhythm. This means: sitting relaxed on a chair, keeping your hands in the MUDRA position
and doing the normal breathing rhythm cycle for 1.5 minutes or 6 times, this means 6+6+3 (6
seconds of inhaling, 6 seconds of exhaling and a 3 second pause before starting again).
    e) Play the flash format video, where the first exercise includes an eye chart that you have to look
            at for 1 minute at a distance between 30 cm and 70 cm and remember which line you can still see more
           or less normally. Keep your fingers in the “Life mudra” position.              
    f) Continue according to the texts and exercises in the video. 

     g)   After watching the video and doing the exercises, you can give your eyes another “gift”. Do    
          “palming” for 3 minutes. For this, clap your palms strongly together three times and rub them a    
           little so that they get warm. Then cover your eyes with your palms, as shown on the picture -                     
           the fingers of one hand on top of the fingers of the other hand and your palms directly on top
           of your eyes. You should achieve a state, where you seem to see only a PITCH-BLACK colour. 
At the same time do the normal breathing rhythm - 12 times (6+6+3 seconds). Do this in a place,
where you can hear the clock ticking.
If you can’t find the motivation to do what I have suggested or you just lack the
willpower, watch the video clips in English given below to achieve these traits!!!
EXAMPLE. Exercise 5. A total of 12 exercises
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